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Large Burl Bowl

This very nicely shaped late 18th or early 19th C. Burl Bowl has a desirable size of
6 ¼ inches high and a top diameter of 13 ¾ inches. It has an early make-do wire staple
repair which is shown in the pictures. Expected wear consistent with age and the
surface shows a light touch of varnish.

Item #3358              $1,495

Firkin in Original Mustard Paint

This lidded and handled firkin retains its original as found mustard paint. It has 3 lapped
bands, two at the bottom and one at the top plus one on the lid. It’s in very good condition
with 4 old added nails to keep the bands from slipping due to shrinkage. Measurements:
11 ¾ in. high; 11 ¾ in top diameter; 12 ½ inch bottom diameter. From an old collection.
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Item #3499              $270

Tiger Maple Foot Stool

This tiger maple foot stool has a mortised top and nicely shaped and splayed legs.
The top measures 14 X 6 ¾ inches and it is 7 ¾ inches high. Nicely figured maple.
The narrow lateral strips below the top are original but are not maple, we’re not sure
what the wood is. If you’re building a stack the splayed legs also measure 14” apart.
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Item #3495              $350

Wallpaper Covered Large Oval Box - Dated 1847

This storage box is in excellent condition and has a very nice decorative embossed type wallpaper
covering. The box bottom and top lid are made from poplar or pine. The interior, including the
inside of the lid, is totally lined with a Nov. 1847 newspaper from Mifflintown PA. It measures
16 X 12 in. and is 11 ½ in. high. Seldom find these boxes in such good condition.
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Item #3473              $460

Butternut Chopping or Mixing Bowl

A 19th C. chopping bowl found in Penn. In excellent condition. It is in a natural
surface with a very nice shape and surface patina. It measures 19 X 10 ¼ inches
and is 4 inches high.
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Item #1255              $250

Colorful Small Store Tobacco Bin - Utica NY

This is an unusual and possibly unique store tobacco bin. It has a top lid, 3 sided pierced gallery
and very graphic gold letters with gold shadowing on a wonderful red tin background. It measures
13 wd, 9 dp, and 11 ½ in. ht. The center cartouche says H.T. Miller’s Fine Cut Tobacco, Utica NY.
There was a Henry T. Miller in Utica in the mid 19th C. who was quite probably a storekeeper. It’s
in very good condition.
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Item #3452              $450

Early Grain Painted Document Box

This is an early 19th C. dovetailed document box with the best grain painted surface.
The condition of the box is excellent. It retains its old lock mechanism (no key) and
superb original bail handle. ht. 7 ½, wd. 15, dp. 10 in.
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Item #2806              $475

19th C. Dovetailed Cherry Knife Box

This very elegant looking cherry two compartment country knife or cutlery box has
an unusually high shaped center handle. It’s nicely dovetailed with a footed base.
Measures 15 ½” L, 11 ½” D, and 9” to the top of the handle.
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Item #3438              $320

Mince Meat Bucket in Yellow

Happy Jack Mince Meat Bucket. It’s unusual to find one of these in such great original condition.
It has a lapped lid, metal bands and a wire bail with a wooden handle. The original label is also in
great condition. Happy Jack was made by Atmore & Son, Phila. Pa. The bucket dates to the 1890’s
and is 10 inches tall and the top diameter is 9 ¾.
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Early Tapered, Grain Painted & Dovetailed Violin Case

A delightful and unusual tapering country violin case. In addition to the wonderful dovetails
and red grain painted surface, the maker painted a violin and bow on the inside of the lid. It
has a curved and overhanging top lid, original hinges and lock, leather handle and early nails
plus the applied interior molding has chamfered sections so the instrument would fit in the case
exactly. It had a small wire clasp which is missing. Measures 30” L, 9” W at one end and 6 ½” W
at the other and 5 ½” high. Dating to the 2nd H. 19th C. and pine.
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Item #3381              $325

Pantry Box in Original Green Paint

Early to mid 19th C. with its original green grey paint and nicely lapped lid. In excellent
condition. Early cut nail construction with small square nails along the upper and lower
edges. Measures 7 ½ inches in diameter and is 3 3/8 inches high.
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Item #3356B              $230

Grey Painted Wooden Bowl

A large early footed wooden bowl measuring
15 ½”- 16 ½”in diameter and 5” high with its
original grey paint. There is one vertical age
crack (see pic) which measures 3” long.
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Item #3085              $375

Round Lapped Storage Box

This lidded box has carved 2 inch wide lap bands on the
bottom with a matching lapped lid constructed with early
nails and wooded pegs. Chamfered bottom. Original natural
surface with initials carved into lid and bottom.
Measures 12 ¼” in diameter and is 6 ½” high.
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Stenciled FIGS Lidded Oak Pantry Box

Excellent oak lidded pantry box in a mellow warm natural wood color. Stenciled
on the top is “100 Selected No.1 FIGS.” It’s in very good condition with wooden
peg and copper nail construction. Diameter is 7 ¾” and height is 3 ¾”
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Item #2894              $190 reduced $150

Six Leaf Flower Butter Stamp

A very nicely carved round wooden butter stamp with a six leaf flower
and a double decorative edge. Dates mid 19th C. and is in very good
condition. Diameter is 3 ½ inches and it's 4 inches long.
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Item #3249              $60

Very Large Turned Wooden Bowl

This wonderful hand turned bowl has a top diameter range of 17 ½ to 19 inches
and a great dry brown patina. It has a shaped rim and very dense ringed turnings.
It measures between 5 to 6 inches high. Two very tight vertical age lines of no
consequence and a small hole at top edge for hanging. Early to mid 19th C.
A terrific bowl for anyone’s collection.
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Item #3117              $375

Large Early Sap Bucket

An unusually large and tall staved sap bucket with its original red surface
and original metal bands and top wire hook used for hanging on the tree.
Measures 12 inches tall. Top diameter is 12 inches and bottom diameter
is 10 inches. Excellent original condition. Late 19th/Early 20th C.
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Item #3284              $175

Adams Blue & White Pitcher and Bowl

Blue printed earthenware in a stylized blue onion pattern. This matching
pitcher and bowl both have the incised Adams Warranted Staffordshire
mark dating it to 1804 – 1840. A beautiful set in excellent condition.
Bowl is 13 ½” in diameter and 5” high. The pitcher is 9” high.
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Item #3292              $295

Very Large and Heavy Early Rolling Pin

A very large maple rolling pin in both length and especially diameter with shaped and
incised handles. It measures 24 ½ inches long from the ends of the handles and is 3 ½
inches in diameter. Appears to be from one piece of wood. In two of the photos we show
next to it for comparison a normal size maple rolling pin.
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Item #3294              $110

Early Small Chest In Original Paint

This early 19th C. chest has an unusual slender profile measuring 21 in. wide, 9 ½ in.
deep and 12 in. high. The chest features a footed base, applied molding on the lid,
rounded corners, original hinges, and its original dark olive green paint. The back
of the chest has the name “Tony” in yellow painted script. It's in very good
condition. A great country piece fresh from a Conn. collection.
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Dry Measure in Red Wash - 8 Quart Size

Great surface and condition on this 19th C. stenciled 8 quart
dry measure. Original mellow red wash surface and early
square wooden peg construction. Height is 6 ½ inches and
outside diameter is 11 ¼ inches.
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Item #3143              $160

Diminutive Hand Made Slaw Cutter

This 19th C. slaw cutter has a cut-out handle, wonderful
shaped top and feet, excellent warm patina and early nails.
In addition to all of that it is a very unusual small size
measuring 13” H 4” W and 1 ¼” D.
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Item #3135              $195