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Fabulous Hand Carved Folk Frame Late 19th C.

This is a great looking folk art chip carved frame in wonderful condition and
surface. The carving demonstrates extreme skill and talent with applied corners
featuring rosettes. It currently contains a new mirror and it looks great but it
can easily be removed if you want to insert a picture. The extreme dimensions
are 20 X 16 inches. The frame itself measures 16 ¼ X 12 ½ inches. It will hold
a 14 X 10 inch picture.
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Item #2469              $295

Folk Art Inlaid Trapezoidal Guitar

From the early 20th C., this dark-stained wooden trapezoidal guitar has white dot
inlay along its edges and around the sound hole. The fret board has white geometric
inlay. It has all of its 6 strings and is in very good condition with age consistent wear,
splits and a small minor loss at one front corner as shown. Ex Morgan Rank folk art
and musical instrument collection. The full length is 36 inches. The body is 18 inches
long. It is 13 inches at its widest and is 3 ½ inches in depth.
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Item #3515              $395

Painted Barber Pole

Late 19th or early 20th C. Barber Pole in original paint surface. It has an excellent form
and shape. It can be hung from a hook as shown in one of the pictures or it will stand, as
the bottom is flat. Measures 33 ½ inches in length and has a 3 ½ inch diameter at its widest.
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Item #3415              $575

Folk Art Portrait of a Young Girl

This is a delightful portrait painting on artist board of a very young girl with brown hair
and brown eyes in a red print dress with a lace neck trim. It’s contained in a great frame
of unknown highly figured wood measuring 2 inches in depth with a thin gold colored
liner. Framed size is 17 X 19 ¼ inches and sight size is 11 ¼ X 13 ¾ inches.
It dates to the 19th C. and was found in Mass.
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Item #3483              $795

Tramp Art Sewing Box

This is an exceptional tramp art pyramid sewing box with a drawer. It has an
exceptional carved drawer handle and patina and a pin cushion top showing
expected age wear. The box is in excellent condition and based upon the cigar
labels we would date it to the late 19th or early 20th C. It measures 12 inches
in length, 7 inches wide and 9 ¼ inches high.
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Item #3471              $640

3 Folk Decorated Indian Clubs

This is a set of three 1 lb. clubs which have a great old or original folk painted surface
with diamonds and dots. They date early 20th C. and measure 15 inches in height.
We don’t see any marks or makers name. Provenance: Splendid Peasant Antiques.
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Backgammon Game Board

A very graphically pleasing backgammon board dating to the 1st half of the
20th C and retaining its original painted surface. The 24 alternating points
are painted black and mustard against a pale yellow ground. The board is in
very good condition and measures 20 X 18 inches and is 5/8 inches thick.
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Item #3416              $250

Early Wooden Sign for Head-Ache Cure

This late 19th C. wooden sign measures 32 X 6 inches. It’s on a piece of
pine approximately one-half inch thick and features its original surface with
stenciled letters on a white painted background. The cure was undoubtedly
by A.J. Sanderson, an MD who had several articles published in the 1890’s.
The sign is in excellent age appropriate condition.
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Item #3357              $490

Folk Art Painted Gameboard

This early primitive folk art checkerboard dates to the late 19th or early 20th C. It retains
its original red and cream or off white painted surface. It has applied molding and divided
game piece sections. In fine original condition with expected wear. Has 80 squares and
measures 29 ½ in. X 15 ½ in.
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Item #3372              $340

Still Life Theorem Style Watercolor

A stunning watercolor depicting a large variety of fruit on a marble table or sideboard
with a desirable black background which makes the picture really standout. Circa 1860,
artist is unknown. It’s a large size measuring 19 ½” X 15 ½” sight size and 22 1/2” X 18½”
framed in its lovely original stepped gilt frame. In excellent original condition ready to be
hung on the wall.
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Item #3185              $1,500

Childs Horse Decorated Wheelbarrow

The best folk decorated child’s size wheelbarrow dating to the late 19th C. In
original red paint with yellow piping, black tipped handles and support ends,
running horses on both tray sides and a decorated wooden wheel and shaped
axle. Early nail construction. Very good condition with a good and solid repair
to the leg support which is hard to see. Overall extreme measurements are
25” lt, 11 ½” wt, 7 1/2 “ ht.
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Item #J1264              $210

Farriers Tool Box

This decorated tool box for Chandler’s Ferrier Tools (please note the
spelling of farrier) is in original yellow paint with black lettering with
white shadowing. The interior is a blue/grey. It’s late 19th or early 20th C.
and has its original leather handle and metal hasps. The case is oak with
iron banded edges and is very heavy. Very good condition.
Measures 16 ½ X 9 X 5.
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Item #3351              $420

Folk Art Watercolor of the RMS Titanic

A very neat piece of folk art. Framed watercolor behind glass of the passenger
liner Titanic. Signed and dated lower right C.S. John Lambert 1942. Probably
done as a commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the sinking. We believe
it’s from Quebec Canada. There is a French language newspaper clipping (1952)
attached to the back. It is 18 ½” X 13” framed.
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Item #3290              $525

Red, White and Blue 5 Blade Whirlygig

A fantastic 5 blade whirligig with original red, white and
blue paint in very good condition. A large center 4 arm
blade is surrounded by 4 smaller 2 arm blades. Early 20th C.
Approximately 38” L, 27” W, 26” H. Sits on a custom made
metal stand with a base which is 4 feet high making total
mounted height 64 inches.
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Item #3040              $1,495

Fantastic Chip Carved Frame

This tramp art chip carved frame has carved circles in the
corner, brass accents, and a delicate carved and beveled
outer frame. Dates late 19th C. and it is in excellent condition.
The photo says Delhi N.Y. and is probably original to the piece.
Signed by the maker, Stuart Gruss, on the back.
Measures 10 ½” X 13 ¼”
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Item #3039              $395

Watercolor Still Life of Fruit

Wonderful soft yet vibrant colors in
this watercolor of fruit and a glass
compote on a tray. Signed P. Cords
and dated 1902. In original highly grained
frame and measuring 19 ½” X 13 ¼”
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Item #2851              $190

Wooden Dentist Sign

What distinguishes this wooden sign, in addition to its nicely bordered gold letters, is
it’s wonderful footed and scrolled shape. In wonderful condition, dating to the 1st H.
of the 20th C. Gold letters bordered in red and green and the overall sign has a green
border. Measures 20 X 9 ¼ and board is ¾ in. thick.
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Item #3348              $340

Child's Folk Decorated Sled

Delightful decorated child’s sled with original vibrant paint in shades of salmon, red,
yellow and black. Signed “Teaser” on the center board along with a galloping horse
with remnants of a vine decoration along the frame. Iron runners. In overall very good
sound condition with expected wear, age use, and a stable tight age separation on the
board. 30 inches long, 12 inches wide and 8 inches high.
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Item #3321              $460

Portrait of a Gentleman

This folk art pastel depicts a blue eyed bearded
gentleman in formal dress sitting in a red chair with a
scrolled crest rail. It is inscribed Gemalt Von Francis
Leupold, Elizabeth N.J. 1857. It's in very good condition
with some minor foxing. Framed size 18” X 14” and the
gilt frame is possibly original.
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Item #2848              $650

Shoe Repair Trade Sign

Wooden trade sign with a nice 1 ½ inch wide molding. The sign is
33 ¼” X 18” and dates to the early 20th C. It’s technically 2 sided
however the reverse side (see pic) has a different trade name and
is not as well done and probably painted later.
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Item #3173              $190

Clipper Ship Painting

Early 20th C. oil on relined canvas, unsigned and untitled. Attributed to folk
artist J.O.J. Frost (Jonathan Orne Johnson 1852 – 1928) of Marblehead Ma.
Appears to depict a rounding of Cape Horn. In a walnut frame with a gilt liner.
Nautical scenes are uncommon by 20th C. folk artists.
Sight size is 20” X 14” and framed size is 24 ¼” X 18 ¼."
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Item #3184              $895

Oil Painting of Cat and Her Kittens

A very appealing scene of a mother cat and her 5 kittens. This oil on canvas is in excellent
condition and dates to the early 20th C. It is illegibly signed lower right. In an excellent
3 inch wide gilt frame. The painting measures 24” X 20.” The framed size is 32” X 28.”
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Item #3261              $695

Folk Art Painting of a Farm House

A charming naïve folk painting of a two story farmhouse
with two chimneys in a landscape setting. Oil and marker
on paper behind glass. Unsigned. Found in Virginia.
It dates early 20th C. and is in a terrific late 19th C. folk art
cross hatch frame with corner rosettes. Sight size is
9 ½” X 13 ½” Outside measurement of frame is 14 ¼” X 18 ¼.”
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Item #3175              $335

Large Cast Iron Architectural Star

A very impressive and unusually large cast iron 5 point star.
More than likely used as an anchor plate on a brick or masonry
building for structural reinforcement. Dates late 19th or early
20th C. and has been professionally mounted. Measures 18 ½ in.
high mounted. The star alone is 16 inches in diameter.
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Item #3159              $480

Folk Art Watercolor

We believe this very well executed watercolor depicts
a mountain lion. It's probably school art and dates early
to mid 19th C. Its in a period and probably original canted
frame. It measures 9” X 7” framed and 6” X 4” sight.
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Item #3137              $525

19th C. Still Life Painting

A very colorful composition with peaches and 2 types
of grapes, this unsigned still life painting on canvas is
in original untouched condition. The black and gold
frame is new. Mid 19th C. with a chamfered stretcher.
The painting measures 16” X 10” and framed size is
20” X 14”
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Item #3118              $350

Wooden For Rent Sign

Original painted framed sign from the 1930’s – 40’s which
features an apartment for rent with hot water heat. Sign
is 2 boards joined with wiggle nails. Measures 12" X 37 ¾”
and is 1 ¼” thick.
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Item #3019              $340

Ladies Rest Room Sign

Canvas stretched on wood. 1st half 20th C. Hand painted
red letters shadowed in yellow. Very well executed.
28” X 8”
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Item #3018              $335

Watercolor of the U.S.Seal

A watercolor on paper of the United States Seal. Probably
a piece of schoolgirl art. Appears to date to the late 19th or
early 20th. C. Framed in an appropriate vintage frame with
a thin gold liner and behind glass. There are some very minor
edge losses and 2 creases in the paper.
Measures 11 ¼” X 8 ¼”
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Item #3002              $290