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Troubadour Red Metal Radio

This Troubador Super 5 metal radio dates to the 1940’s – 50’s. It is not in working
order but appears to have all of its internal tubes etc. so selling it as a really neat
decorative item. It is a hard to find vintage radio and has a great deco look and a
wonderful mellow red color. The dials work. It measures 9 ¼ W 6 ¾ H 6 D
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Item #3542              $210

Very Unusual Early Painted Storage Chest

We have never seen a storage chest with a top quite like this. Would describe
it as a refined trapezoidal or coffin stepped top. In addition it retains its original
red paint and is constructed using dovetails and square nails. The original hinges
are missing and have been replaced with make do leather hinges which work very
well. Made of pine and dating late 18th or early 19th C. and in very good condition.
A desireable size measuring 24 ½ W X 15 D X 12 inches H. A great looking country
painted item.
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Item #2452              $150

Vintage Marx Jungle Shooting Range

This Marx toy was made in the 1960’s and is in mint condition in a near mint original
box. The box has a small tear in one corner flap which is shown in the photos. It also
has its original pellets and the instructions for use are on the box itself. The box
measures 21 ½ X 8 X 5 and the toy stands 12 in. at its highest point with the wire stands
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Item #3510              $175

George Washington Cast Iron Andirons

These cast iron andirons feature George Washington holding his tricorn hat and a book
and standing on a plinth with a star and a swag. Original black painted surface with
original removable log supports. Late 19th C. possibly made for the centennial. They
measure 20 ½ inches high, 9 ¼ inches wide at the front base and are 17 ½ inches long.
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Item #3399              $350

Tall Hand Blown Amber Bottle

This 19th C hand blown bottle has excellent color, shape, size and condition.
It has an applied collar, nicely rounded shoulders and the bottom has the pontil
scar. It measures 17 ¾ inches in height and the base diameter is 7 ¼ inches.
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Item #3444              $260

Scottie Dog Handled Divided Carrier

This unique folky carved wooden carrier features 8 scottie dogs parading around
an eight sided base with an interior divided into 4 sections. It has an arched handle
and a great original mellowed white painted surface. It is very well executed and
in excellent condition. The carrier measure 12 ½ inches in diameter and is 10
inches high to top of handle. We would date it to between 1930 – 50.
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Item #3431              $275

Pair of 19th C. Indian Clubs

This pair of so called Indian clubs were made and used as exercise equipment.
They have double incised bands with worn black paint as well as remnants of
black paint at the knob top and a nice overall worn original surface. They are
stenciled 3 lbs. and stand 20 inches tall and date late 19th C.
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Item #3406              $180

Canada Goose Decoy Made From a Rubber Tire

This one of a kind folk art goose decoy is made using a rubber tire. It dates to the
early 20th C. and the unknown maker ingeniously employed various parts of the
tire plus a base plate of thick gauge tin and early nails in its making. It measures
20" L, 7” W, and 14” H. Be sure to view all the photos to appreciate the construction.
A great addition for anyone who loves decoys and folk art.
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Item #3360              $350

Cast Iron Figural Horse Foot Rest

This figural shoe rest is cast iron with an old black painted surface featuring a standing
horse. Probably used in a show shine parlor. Dates to the early 1900's. It stands 6 ¾ inches
high and 6 ¾ inches long. The base is 3 ½ inches in diameter with 2 holes which were used
to attach it to a stand. It weighs 3 lbs. and can be used as a doorstop.
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Item #3387              $125

4 Vintage Baseball Gloves / Mitts

These 4 vintage baseball mitts are being sold together. All in good condition,
about 1940’s, and include 2 fielder’s gloves and 2 catcher’s mitts. One fielder’s
glove is a Dixie Walker model with a MacGregor Goldsmith label. The other is
marked Red Rolfe and probably made by Rawlings but tag is not present. The
large catcher’s mitt is incised Professional Model but we cannot find a maker’s
name. The small catchers mitt is a junior size and although it has some markings
we are unable to make it out. Great to decorate the kid’s room.
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Item #3370              $130

Wooden Brandt Decoy

Carved and painted Brandt decoy with a combination original and old
painted surface. Early 20th C. Excellent folk art form. Measures
17 inches long and is 8 inches high to the top of its head.
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Item #3346              $380

Glass and Pierced Tin Candle Lantern

A very neat country lantern with its original teardrop glass shade and pierced
upper and lower tin. It has a wire bail handle with a make do wire repair on
one side which adds to the charm. 9 in. tall. Base D. is 5 1/2 in.
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Item #3322              $230

Wooden Folk Art Golden Eye Decoy

Wooden Folk Art decoy with a wonderful old and original painted surface.
1st half 20th C. Duck is identified on the bottom with a tag from the collector
who had owned it as a NY or NJ Golden Eye along with the date and price
that he paid. Bottom has a cloth strip attached as a scratch protector.
Measures beak to tail 13 inches and the height is 4 ½ in.
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Item #3091              $150

Unusual Push/Pull Cart in Yellow Paint

Early 20th C. wooden slat cart with a D shaped bin in original condition
and great yellow paint. The wheels are metal with hard rubber tires which
show some losses from age and use. The wheels are still quite operable.
Measures 39 ½” to top of handle and 26” to top of bin. It’s 18” wide from
wheel to wheel and 12” deep. In excellent condition. Great for a country
store collection.
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Item #3170              $395

Rooster Decorated Pierced Brass Bed Warmer

This is one of the best brass bed warmers we’ve seen in a very long
time. Probably Pa. with a punched and etched rooster and floral
decorated pan and a nicely turned dark cherry handle. The total
length is 44 ¼ inches and the pan measures 11 ¾ inches in diameter.
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Item #3229              $315

Early Small Goose Decoy

Smaller size painted carved wood and canvas over wire
Canada Goose decoy. Early 20th C. Unknown maker.
21 in. L 10 in. H 9 in. W
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Item #3132              $250