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Two Ovoid Stoneware Jugs

Two ovoid shaped jugs with handles and albany slip glazes. The
taller one is 9 ½ inches tall and in very good condition. The shorter
one has a base chip, is 7 ½ inches tall and has a tooled neck.
$155 for the taller (#3054)
$145 for the shorter (#3053)
$275 for both.
Redware Ovoid Handled Jug

Very nice 19th C. ovoid jug with a handle in very good
condition and measuring 9 Ύ inches high.
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Item #3050              $125

Norton Blue Decorated Crock

This 2 gallon decorated lug handled crock is incised Frank Norton
Worcester Mass along with an incised number 2 and has the strong
well known Norton Floral decoration. It is in excellent condition with
two in the making stone pings in the left front and on the side.
9 ½ inches tall.
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Taconic Friendship Basket

An early 20th C. Taconic flower or fruit basket which over time
acquired the name of friendship basket. Very hard to find in any
condition. This one is in very good condition and has the original
double lashing of the handles at the top which often is missing. It
measures 12 Ό inches in diameter and 9 inches to the top of the handle.
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Item #3180              $450

Triple Flower Bud Blue Decorated Jug

A tall and very clean blue decorated jug with nice sloping
shoulders, applied strap handle and unusual triple bud flower
decoration. It’s unmarked but probably NY origin with a
small incised number 3 at the top. It measures 15 inches tall.
In very good condition with no chips or cracks.
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Item #2955              $295

Shaker Quality Market Basket by Albra Lord

Round top and round bottom ash splint market basket with graduated
weavers, double lashed rim, double notched loop handle and well executed
double bottom, all demonstrating a very skilled weaver. Signed on the bottom
Lovell Maine and undoubtedly made by well known maker Albra Lord
(1846-1933) of Lovell Maine. It has his characteristic 2 narrow weaver rows
at the top. He purportedly learned his craft from the Shakers and this basket
has Shaker quality and characteristics. Diameter is 15 inches, height with
handle is 17 inches and without 9 inches.
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Item #3072              $400

Blue Decorated Storage Jar

Unmarked probably from western Pennsylvania with blue band
decoration and a blue number 2. In very good condition with a
splotchy surface and very minor remnants of paint specks.
12 inches high.
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Item #3073              $325

Graduated Set of 6 Baskets

This is a fantastic assembled set of 6 graduated melon baskets
(one is arguably more buttocks shape). They are all in fine to
excellent condition but there are some very minor losses as you
would expect. The size range is as follows: Largest 13H 17L 13 ½W;
Smallest 10H 12 ½ L 11W. Call/email for more detail or info.
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Item #3119              $1,500

Redware Slip Decorated Loaf Dish

19th C. Redware oblong slip decorated loaf dish with a
coggled rim. Measures 14” X 9 Ύ”. There are some
very shallow old rim chips from use as shown.
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Item #3094              $595

1 Gal. Blue Decorated Storage Jar

Ovoid shaped double handled storage jar. Possibly by
Remmey, Phila. One gallon size with an impressed “1”
in a ring along the top. Bold brushed cobalt floral garlands
completely around the jar. Condition is very good.
Height is 9 Ύ”
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Item #3102              $395

Taghkanic Two Handled Basket

A double handled square bottom, round
top Taghkanic made basket. Nicely carved
ear handles and a filled bottom. In
excellent condition. 12 inches across and
6 inches to top of handles.
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Item #2736              $375

Fantail Bird On A Branch

This is a marked White’s Utica blue decorated 3 gal. handled
crock with an excellent cobalt blue fantail bird on a branch.
There is a shallow chip along the inside of the rim at the back
side behind the left handle with a very tight line extending down
from there about 5 inches. Otherwise VG condition.
Crock is 10 ½ inches high.
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Item #3020              $675

Small Cheese Basket

This sweetheart of a cheese basket has
an unusually small size measuring
10 ½ to 11 inches across and is 6 inches
high. It has a square bottom and
round top. With some minor losses.
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Item #2807              $425

Rare Splint Work Basket

Double swing handle work basket with a fitted
lid and inside a splint tray with double loop handles.
The rim is double wrapped. This is a rarely seen
form. The basket is in superb condition. Dates
late 19th or early 20th C.
Measures 19” X 13 Ό” and is 12” high.
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Item #2881              $450

Unusual Potato Stamp Loop Handle Basket

This delicate basket is in excellent condition. Of
particular note is the combination of small splints,
followed by wider splints with a great potato stamp
decoration. There is also a fantastic wrapped loop
handle. It has an oval top and rectangular open
weave bottom. Late 19th/early 20th C.
OL 14” OW 11” Height to rim 8 Ύ” to top of handle 15”
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Item #2886              $595

Splint Basket With 2 Handles

A terrific 19th C. splint basket with an oval top,
rectangular bottom and 2 handles. Has a very
good nutty color and is in very good condition
with some very minor losses.
Measures 11 ½” L 3 ½” H 9 ½” W
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Item #2885              $300

James Hamilton Large Jug

A 16 ½ inch tall James Hamilton & Co
Greensboro Pa. blue stencil decorated
jug. With stenciled No 3 and with blue
at the handles. Condition is very good.
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Item #2828              $595

Cheese Basket

A wonderful tall form on this
New England hexagonal weave
cheese basket. Excellent condition.
6 ½” tall. 15 ½” to 16 ½” diameter.
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Item #2727              $395

Painted Splint Basket

Double handled with an open weave
bottom. Original white paint that
has mellowed to a creamy white.
Late 19th or early 20th C in excellent
condition. Excluding handles it measures
18” X 12” X 7”
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Item #2755              $375

Round Splint Basket

Fixed handle, ash splint basket.
Possibly for gathering eggs. Concave
bottom and double wrapped rim.
10” diameter 4 ½” H, 9” to top
of handle.
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Item #2737              $340

Unmarked Ovoid Crock

Unmarked handled 2 gallon ovoid
crock with nice floral design and shape.
11 inches high. Excellent condition.
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Item #2658              $420

Shaker Quality Basket

Ash splint with tapered sides,
cats head bottom and 2 small
handles. Possibly Shaker from
Mt. Lebanon. Very good cond.
19th C. 12 Ύ” W 5 ½” H
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Item #2524              $245