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Tea Room by Vestie Davis (1903 - 1978)

Crayon and black ink on paper. Signed and dated Vestie Davis 1975.
Visit the American Folk Art Museum website for numerous examples
of his works. In addition to exhibitions at the Folk Art Museum, he is
included in the major folk art books by Robert Bishop, Jay Johnson and
the Rosenaks. Work measures 9 ½” X 13 ½” sight and 12 ¼ X 16 ¼ framed.
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Item #3015              $650

Exceptional Covered Bowl Made From Matchbooks

This exceptional folk art covered bowl or jar was made from a variety of matchbooks and
similar colored advertising paper. Given the large variety of paper used, and the time it
would have taken to execute, it’s generally assumed that this type of item was made by
prisoners and therefore referred to as “prison art.” In very good original condition.
The bowl does have a slight lean to it which does not take away from its charm
and uniqueness. Measures 7 inches in diameter and 4 inches tall. Early 20th C.
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Item #3535              $325

Forrest Moses (1893 - 1974)

A wonderful folk art painting by the well regarded self taught artist Forrest Moses. The painting
shows a country fair with a fortune teller, pony rides, dancing girls and popcorn and soda stands.
Oil on masonite measuring 27 X 19 in. framed and 24 X 16 in. sight. Nicely framed in probably the
original frame. It is signed and dated 1969. It retains the Moses artist label on the back and the
title “Good Time For All” and Feb 69. He was from Eagles Bridge NY and the son of Grandma
Moses. He painted rural genre scenes in the same style as his mother. His works are very much
in demand, have been appraised on more than one occasion on the Antiques Roadshow and
exhibited at the Bennington Museum.
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Item #3532              $1,750

Giraffes by Malcah Zeldis

Malcah Zeldis (B. 1931) is a very well known folk artist, born in NYC, whose works are
included in many museums, including the American Museum of Folk Art and Smithsonian,
numerous books, including American Folk Art of the 20th C. by Jay Johnson, and has had
numerous solo shows. She has also illustrated many children’s books. Many of her works
are a mix of historical and biblical themes. There is a large body of information available on
the internet. This piece is paint and watercolor on paper in a very nice modern gallery frame.
It is signed and dated 1990 and is larger than many of her paintings. The piece itself measures
19 ½ X 15 inches; the frame is 1 ¼ in. thick and measures 23 X 18 ¼. This work was originally
purchased from the Frank Miele Gallery and the original biographical information from the gallery
is attached to the back and pictured.
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Item #3527              $340

Vintage Bottle Cap Basket

Very nice example of bottle cap art dating to the early 20th C. In the form of a basket.
Measures 10 ½ inches high to the top of the handle and is 10 ½ inches in diameter.
Very heavy and sturdy. Caps have a nice even mellow overall shade with nice hints
of original color.
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Item #3466              $280

Colorful Bird House

This red, green and white bird house exhibits wonderful form, surface and condition.
Its shape reminds us of a chalet. Dating to the 1st half to the mid 20th C. It doesn’t
appear as though it was never outside. It was found about 30 years ago in a barn in
Great Meadows, N.J. Measures ht 12” dp 9 ½” wd 10”
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Carved & Painted Watermelon by Ron Rodriquez dated May 1996

Ron Rodriquez (b 1968) a well known wood carver was born in Santa Fe NM and continues to live
there. He is the grandson and nephew of famous carvers Felipe and Leroy Archuleto and helped them
at their workshop in Tesuque since he was in elementary school. He is widely collected and his work
was included in the famous exhibition “Flying Free” at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museum in
Williamsburg. The watermelon is from cottonwood and measures 23 in. long and 7 in. in diameter and
is signed and dated May 1996.
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Item #3413              $370

Relief Carved and Painted Wooden Folk Art Plaque

This is a very appealing folk art relief carved and painted scene depicting a hunter and his
dog stalking a moose. The piece measures 18 in. X 14 in. and 1 ¾ inches thick made from two
2 by 8 pieces of wood. There is some wonderful details particularly the moose as well as great
overall color especially on the birch tree. We would date the piece to the 2nd half of the 20th C.
We are unable to find a signature or make an attribution.
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Item #3441              $390

Early Painting by Outsider Harold Everett Bayer (1900 - 1996)

We've owned and seen a great many Harold Bayer paintings through the years, but this one is quite
different from his rural landscapes and farm scenes for which the Toledo native is well known. This
gouache on masonite depicts a herd of 6 elephants in a somewhat impressionistic style. It’s signed
H.E. Bayer in the lower right. From 1965 – 1970 Bayer experimented with different mediums and
styles and this painting is from that period. It was acquired from an Ohio resident who acquired it
from the Bayer estate upon the artist’s death. The painting measures 20 X 16 inches and framed
size is 21 X 17 inches.
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Item #3397              $250

Bird in Hand PA - Penna Dutch by Jack Savitsky (1910 - 1991)

This is a larger drawing signed and dated 89 by Jack Savitsky, one of our most famous self-taught
artists, perhaps inspired by the famous “American Gothic” painting by Grant Wood. It’s entitled
Penna Dutch on the front as well as Village of Bird in Hand Pa on verso. Measuring 14 X 11 sight
and 17 ½ X 14 ½ framed in a nice dark cherry colored molded frame and in excellent condition. He
loved to paint scenes of early everyday rural life in eastern Pa. and his work is in numerous museums
including the American Museum of Folk Art, the Smithsonian and the Abby Aldridge Rockefeller.
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Item #3412              $290

Charming Folk Drawing by Jack Savitsky - Pussy Willow An Cat

This colored pencil, ink and crayon drawing is by the famous Pa. outsider artist
Jack Savitsky ( 1910 – 1991). It is signed and dated 1981 in the lower right and
entitled “Pussy Willow An Cat” in the lower left. It’s in a nice stepped oak frame.
Framed size is 14 ¼ X 11 ¼ and sight size is 12 X 9. Excellent condition.
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Item #3377              $250

Painting by Harold Everett Bayer

An iconic rural farm scene by the so called Grandpa Moses of Ohio.
Harold Everett Bayer was born in 1900 in Toledo Ohio and died in
1996. His work is included in several museums including the
American Museum of Folk Art. It is signed lower right and undated.
Acrylic on masonite board. Framed size 23 ½” X 19 ¾”
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Item #2919              $320

Peacock Painting On Velvet

Yes, this is a painting on velvet and we never thought we would ever consider
having one. But this is not what you remember as a kid or the butt of jokes. It
is a really nice hand painted work of folk art, well executed, with wonderful colors
and detail. No artist signature. Nice mid-century appropriate wooden frame.
Framed size is 23 ½ wt 24 ht. and in excellent condition.
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Item #3324              $280

Elvis & The Supremes by Malcah Zeldis

Malcah Zeldis (b.1931) widely exhibited, well referenced folk artist
included in many museums including Museum of American Folk Art.
This is a gouache on paper, double matted and framed. Signed and
dated 1988. Depicts Elvis and the Supremes. The artist has included
herself in the scene, typical in many of her works.
Framed size 16 ¼” X 13 ½”.
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Item #3115              $280

Painting of a Farm by Phyllis Cicora Duffy

Phyllis Duffy (b.1950) is a self taught folk artist from upstate New York who is
well known for her farm and county fair scenes as well as painting the carvings
of her husband Bill Duffy the well known folk carver. This painting on canvas
is signed lower left and dated 2001. Framed measurement is 28 ¼ X 22 ½ in.
and is in excellent condition.
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Item #3327              $460

Wooden Relief Carved Horse Plaque

Extremely well executed folk art relief carving from 1 piece of wood with a
detailed majestic horse against a finely pierced background with a notched
carved border. Signed on the back “Carved by J E Miller Talcott WV.” Not
dated, our best estimate is mid 20th C. Measures 10” X 10” and ½” thick.
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Item #3275              $225

Sunflower Owl Folk Art Plaque

Neat and unusual owl made from sunflower seeds mounted
on a rustic looking board with a painted border. Appears to
be mid 20th C. In very good condition.
Measures 10” X 7 ¾”.
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Item #3246              $195

Lorenzo Scott, Lavender Lady With Flowers

Oil on canvas painting titled verso “Lavender Lady With Flowers” and signed
Lorenzo Scott lower left. Born in Georgia in 1934 Scott is a widely exhibited
and collected artist. Please go to Wikipedia for a significant amount of information
about him. A photo of him with the painting is attached to the back along with a
label from the Ted Oliver Gallery that originally sold the painting.
Sight size is 16" X 20" and framed size is 20” X 24”
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Item #3296              $595

Sarah Rakes "In For The Afternoon"

A delightful acrylic on panel painting by well regarded folk
artist Sarah Rakes (b.1955). It depicts a wonderful orange
spotted, bright eyed cat laying on a checkered surface. It is
in one of Rake’s colorful, characteristic decorated frames.
Signed and dated 2012 in the lower left and titled on the
verso “In For The Afternoon.” Framed size is 15” X 11”
and the frame is 1 ½” wide.
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Item #3166              $290