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Nine Patch Block Variation Quilt

This is a very colorful Nine Patch variation with 16 blocks comprised of 4 rows of 4 blocks each.
Multi colored and patterned with a wide variety of vintage fabrics. The border is a red and green
calico and the backing is red and blue calico stripes. It has a hand sewn rolled edge. In very
clean, crisp, excellent condition. Quilted with approximately 7 – 8 stitches per inch.
Measures 89 in. X 90 in. It dates to 1930 – 1940.
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Item #3329              $450

Attic Windows Pattern Quilt

A seldom seen pattern. This quilt is large and wonderfully colorful and dates circa 1945-1955.
There are 1,184 "windows" making up the body of the quilt, with each window bordered by
purple and white to create the window box effect. The border consists of three strips of white,
lavender, and purple. The backing is an off white and tiny lavender flower cotton fabric. In
excellent, clean, crisp, never used condition. Hand quilted with 6-7 stitches per inch, and
measuring 84" X 92". Large enough for a full or queen size bed.
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Pinwheel Pattern Quilt

Probably Penn. Late 19th C. Hand pieced and hand quilted. The pattern is a pinwheel
variation. Worked in yellow and pink calicos set on a rich green calico. Bordered with
turkey red. Backed with a black print calico. Separately applied solid green binding.
Thin batting. Very vibrant and colorful. In excellent, clean, crisp condition with 3 very
small, hard to find stains. There are 7 rows with 7 pinwheel squares. Measures 78” X 80”
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Item #3474              $475

Penny Table Rug

This penny table rug or runner measures 45 inches long and is 17 inches wide. It features a trailing
vine with 3 wonderful large flowers and 4 smaller flowers on a navy blue felt ground with a multi
colored penny border and rounded ends. The flower vine and all the pennies are hand embroidered
with a blanket stitch. It is in excellent condition dating to the first half of the 20th C.
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Item #3489              $195

Bowtie Pattern Quilt

An exceptionally colorful quilt in a well designed traditional bowtie pattern. Dating ca: 1920 – 30.
It has a large variety of fabrics to make the 9 rows of 8 bowties each within white blocks. These
are set against a pink ground with a double border of white and pink. There is both hand stitching
at 7 stitches per inch and machine stitching. The quilt is in excellent clean condition and measures
77 X 71 inches.
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Item #3475              $370

Postage Stamp - Checkerboard Pattern Quilt

This is an early 20th C. quilt in excellent, clean condition. It's amazingly made from 1 3/4 inch
squares using a print fabric in wonderful shades of light blue and rust red. There are 1,444 squares
and it is 38 rows X 38 rows with a nice wide border. Measures 75 X 76 inches.
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Item #3374              $540

Exceptional 19th C. Table Mat

This is a delightful Penny Rug or Table Mat dating to the late 19th or early 20th C. It’s a wonderful
small size measuring 30 inches long by 16 inches wide. It is made of felted wool with each penny
composed of 3 layers. The top in shades of red, grey, tan, gold and pink with embroidered trim sits
atop the middle layer in a variety of soft colors with embroidered trim which is on a circular black
felt. The condition is excellent and appears the mat was never used. Looks great on a country farm
table or anywhere for that matter.
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Item #3388              $380

Dog Hooked Rug - Great Colors

Very folky hooked rug featuring a white dog with his
tongue hanging out. Wonderful multi-colored border.
Background colors are blue above green. Circa 1940.
Rug is mounted and measures 22 ½ X 35.
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Item #3003              $510

Demilune Urn of Flowers Hooked Rug

A very colorful demilune shaped hooked rug with an urn of
flowers against a red striped background and a green border.
Professionally mounted. Late 19th or early 20th C. Excellent condition.
Size is 40 ½” long and 23” high.
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Item #3036              $325

Bird & Baskets of Flowers Hooked Rug

A very folky hooked rug featuring
a red bird flanked by 2 baskets of
flowers. Late 19th C. Professionally
mounted, it measures 39 ½” X 25 ½”
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Item #2810              $350

Rare & Important Agricultural Quote Jacquard Coverlet

This Double Weave Jacquard Coverlet, dated July 4, 1829, was made for Amelia Preston
of Wingdale NY. It has American Eagles, Independence Hall and Masonic Symbols. It’s in
exceptional, virtually unused condition and comes with a full provenance. Similar coverlets
are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Henry Ford Museum, American
Textile History Museum (Smithsonian) and American Museum of Folk Art. It measures
84” X 72.” One insignificant maker's flaw (seen on the summer side but not the front)
is pictured for accuracy.

For more details, maker information and the provenance click here. Adobe PDF file

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Item #3301              $1,500

Mounted Wool & Cotton Penny Rug

This wool and cotton penny rug is in a lozenge shape with woven wool
and wool felt circles arranged in a geometric design with a scalloped
edge. It is a stunning work of art ready to hang on your wall. Sewn on
a white cotton ground and mounted to a custom wood panel. Colors
are red, green, yellow, gray and black. Early 20th C. and in excellent
condition. It measures 28” X 56 ½”
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Item #2874              $425

Mounted Wool & Cotton Penny Rug

This hexagon shaped penny rug has wool felt circles of green, maroon and pink. The
circles have 6 pointed stars and black borders. They're arranged in a star design. The
scalloped border is green and pink. The rug is sewn onto white cotton and is mounted
to a custom wood panel covered in black cotton. A great looking work of art when hung
on a wall. Early 20th C. and in excellent condition. It measures 34 inches side to side
diameter and 38 ½ inches diameter on a point to point basis.
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Item #2873              $425

Horse Hooked Rug

A very nice early 20th C. folky hooked rug with a
stylized horse head sitting above a post rail fence
and having a multi-colored background and a four
layer border. Probably someone’s favorite horse.
Rug is tightly woven and in excellent condition.
Unmounted and measures 35 ½” X 26 ½”
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Item #2976              $240

Two Cats Hooked Rug

Two cats, one sitting and one standing, in front of a pot of flowers.
Dates to the last quarter of the 19th C. In very good condition, no
repairs, unmounted, original binding and measuring 32 X 20 inches.
Found by a local picker here in Columbia County – never on the market.
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Item #3158              $400

Prairie Star Pattern Quilt

In excellent never used condition. This quilt has 5 rows
of 4 panels each, with large multi colored 8 pointed stars.
The quilt edges and each panel is bordered with calico cloth.
Dates to circa 1920 – 1930 and measures 96” X 80”
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Item #2190              $495