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Eastern Star Quilt

Hand pieced and quilted Eastern Star pattern quilt circa 1900.
5 to 7 stitches per inch. Constructed of calico prints in a
variety of bright colors. In excellent clean and crisp condition.
Measures 82” X 86”
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Item #3526              $285

Nine Patch Block Variation Quilt

This is a very colorful Nine Patch variation with 16 blocks comprised of 4 rows of 4 blocks
each. Multi colored and patterned with a wide variety of vintage fabrics. The border is a
red and green calico and the backing is red and blue calico stripes. It has a hand sewn
rolled edge. In very clean, crisp, excellent condition. Quilted with approximately 7 – 8
stitches per inch. Measures 89 in. X 90 in. It dates to 1930 – 1940.
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Item #3329              $390

Pinwheel Pattern Quilt

Probably Penn. Late 19th C. Hand pieced and hand quilted. The pattern is a pinwheel
variation. Worked in yellow and pink calicos set on a rich green calico. Bordered with
turkey red. Backed with a black print calico. Separately applied solid green binding.
Thin batting. Very vibrant and colorful. In excellent, clean, crisp condition with 3 very
small, hard to find stains. There are 7 rows with 7 pinwheel squares. Measures 78” X 80”
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Item #3474              $395

Penny Table Rug

This penny table rug or runner measures 45 inches long and is 17 inches wide. It features
a trailing vine with 3 wonderful large flowers and 4 smaller flowers on a navy blue felt
ground with a multi colored penny border and rounded ends. The flower vine and all the
pennies are hand embroidered with a blanket stitch. It is in excellent condition dating to
the first half of the 20th C.
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Item #3489              $195

Bowtie Pattern Quilt

An exceptionally colorful quilt in a well designed traditional bowtie pattern. Dating ca: 1920 – 30.
It has a large variety of fabrics to make the 9 rows of 8 bowties each within white blocks. These
are set against a pink ground with a double border of white and pink. There is both hand stitching
at 7 stitches per inch and machine stitching. The quilt is in excellent clean condition and measures
77 X 71 inches.
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Item #3475              $295

Postage Stamp - Checkerboard Pattern Quilt

This is an early 20th C. quilt in excellent, clean condition. It's amazingly made from 1 3/4 inch
squares using a print fabric in wonderful shades of light blue and rust red. There are 1,444 squares
and it is 38 rows X 38 rows with a nice wide border. Measures 75 X 76 inches.
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Item #3374              $425

Exceptional 19th C. Table Mat

This is a delightful Penny Rug or Table Mat dating to the late 19th or early 20th C. It’s a wonderful
small size measuring 30 inches long by 16 inches wide. It is made of felted wool with each penny
composed of 3 layers. The top in shades of red, grey, tan, gold and pink with embroidered trim sits
atop the middle layer in a variety of soft colors with embroidered trim which is on a circular black
felt. The condition is excellent and appears the mat was never used. Looks great on a country farm
table or anywhere for that matter.
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Item #3388              $325

Dog Hooked Rug - Great Colors

Very folky hooked rug featuring a white dog with his
tongue hanging out. Wonderful multi-colored border.
Background colors are blue above green. Circa 1940.
Rug is mounted and measures 22 ½ X 35.
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Item #3003              $450

Demilune Urn of Flowers Hooked Rug

A very colorful demilune shaped hooked rug with an urn of
flowers against a red striped background and a green border.
Professionally mounted. Late 19th or early 20th C. Excellent condition.
Size is 40 ½” long and 23” high.
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Item #3036              $295

Bird & Baskets of Flowers Hooked Rug

A very folky hooked rug featuring
a red bird flanked by 2 baskets of
flowers. Late 19th C. Professionally
mounted, it measures 39 ½” X 25 ½”
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Item #2810              $350

Horse Hooked Rug

A very nice early 20th C. folky hooked rug with a
stylized horse head sitting above a post rail fence
and having a multi-colored background and a four
layer border. Probably someone’s favorite horse.
Rug is tightly woven and in excellent condition.
Unmounted and measures 35 ½” X 26 ½”
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Item #2976              $195

Two Cats Hooked Rug

Two cats, one sitting and one standing, in front of a pot of flowers.
Dates to the last quarter of the 19th C. In very good condition, no
repairs, unmounted, original binding and measuring 32 X 20 inches.
Found by a local picker here in Columbia County – never on the market.
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Item #3158              $300